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Monday, March 28, 2005


after having gone on hiatus for like ever, i guess it's time i paid attention to this lovely blog again. oh and hi terry *waves* :) i'm glad you still stop by.

life is a bit unsettled right now. there are decisions, well no, there is one decision i need to make. a very important one. and it will affect my future. thus i have been struggling for a while. but i've also been trying to keep busy with my new cam so i don't go crazy insane. see, when the tough get stressed, the tough go out and buy new toys. so i have a camera with enough pixels for a damn billboard (well, sorta) and i am just having a blast with it. i still wish i had gotten a digital rebel but maybe i'll get over it. so far, the pictures have not disappointed.

anywho, thats bout it for now. till next time. love mitchel.


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