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Monday, August 16, 2004

jury duty blahhhh

dum de in the jury assembly room. thank god for wifi, else i'd be bored silly. weekend was good. a bit eventful with the move and all. but overall it turned out ok. i love love love the new place. the hardwood floors, the paint color in the rooms, the open space. ahhhh. it's perfect.
i made a black forest cake for him to cheer him up; the move has burned him out. the cake was fabulous. :D
i do hope that i won't get called for jury. i have a big seminar tomorrow...sigh. anyway, wifi rocks. i know i said that already but there are only 2 wireless laptops here and mine is one of them :D haaaaaaa. uh, what's a book again?


  • At August 16, 2004 at 7:15 PM, Blogger Sedge said…

    breakin' the law...breakin' the law....

    i was on a jury, at the tender age of 23. i think i got on when they asked the question 'could you aquit someone who in your heart you felt was guilty?', and i sald 'the burden is on the state to prove guilt. without that, i vote innocent.' peers even made me the foreman. we convicted him on the dope possession, but not guilty on the handgun charge (two black 19 year old guys pulled over in a car with two white 16 year old girls). that took some arguing...3 people on the jury just assumed they guys were guility on the gun charge cause they were black (they did not say that, but it was obvious). i think the defense lawyers were stunned when we came back with the NG verdict. i took my role seriously...make the case State, or you lose.



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