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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


mom and i argue all the time. i hate that, i really do. it really bugs me that she can't admit she's wrong sometimes. her vase of flowers fell over and made a huge mess and she tells me i should've been more careful when i didn't even lay a finger on them. ya mom, it was probably my breathing that tipped them over. then i tell her it's her fault for putting them in such a small vase, it was a disaster waiting to happen. and it did happen. and supposedly it's my fault? ugh. then she gets all sarcastic and pulls that guilt trip shit which i've heard over and again, "oh your mom is just a bad person. i always do things wrong." oh hell no. i'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard than that crap. so from there everything snowballed since i'm not good about keeping my mouth shut when i'm pissed. or when i know that i didn't do anything wrong; defense mode. and i play good defense. then she takes that as disrespect and the shit really hits the fan.

it sucks that i don't have a good relationship w/her. i really wish she'd be my friend. but she doesn't understand me and my straightforward personality. so we don't mix. i really wish it weren't this way.


  • At August 3, 2004 at 6:12 PM, Blogger 211 said…

    dont worry sweetie. sounds like a typical case. i understand where youre coming from. its like your stuck in a moment you cant get out of. im here for you, you got my digits. im still like that with my grandmother. shes got that old school filipina mentality shit. when your not doing it her way, there's conflict. and she lives with me so its all bad. but my mother and i, we koo, since i havent been living with her since i was 18, we learned to find a common ground. lol take care cuz its gonna make you sick again. Love,-RoL


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