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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


made lasagna again last night (ya i like to make the stuff so bite me) and for some reason i couldn't figure out why it tasted different. well, i finally just realized that i left out the spinach. *slaps forehead* it's still good. in fact, i'm getting hungry right now and lunch is hours away. ack.

am growing to like listening to classical piano. it just makes me want to ask for some grey poupon, you know. regardless, i'm trying to feed the iPod with this new stuff. it's not complaining. yet. although i have reached the halfway-to-full-point...*panicking* gonna have to start weeding out soon. i'm not interested in the new 'pod. i like the mini and i'm stickin to it.

what else. i stopped by my buddy muddy's blog he's really not liking the jack russell puppy at all, even though it looks like it is much smaller than he. lol muddy. you're still the king! i know what you need to calm down. a good brushing! go ask father.


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