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Friday, July 02, 2004


been killing time all morning after taking a multitude of those personality quizzes. once i start, it's hard to stop. here's my latest. i took a Multiple Intelligences Quiz and here's the scoop:

"you're smartest when it comes to visual/spatial intelligence

Others may take their environments for granted but not you. Because of your visual/spatial intelligence you really see the world around you. This strength often helps you better appreciate the beauty and detail in everyday things. From shapes in nature to the structure of a fine automobile, a countless variety of things hold your interest.

Having this particular kind of heightened awareness can allow you to form accurate mental images of existing places and objects. In extreme cases, one might call this strength a photographic memory. Being visually/spatially intelligent also means that you likely have a vivid imagination that can be put to use in a variety of creative or professional endeavors."

that was right on. now you take it.


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