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Sunday, July 18, 2004

lazy sunday

listening to the 80s radio stream on iTunes. what the heck ever happened to mister mister?...

fun day. never felt more loved and so i am a happy clam. we should always feel this way. had lunch at a cute little restaurant not far from home. got to sit outside and the weather was actually nice. and i actually had a burger. ya, burger. what's that? i almost forgot, really. at least they served organic beef...

i also finally got rid of that pesky blemish. you wouldn't believe the gross crap that was clogging that one little pore. i had to do a double take at the tissue i was so surprised. aghh. well, it's gone. i feel much better now. i'm sure you're delighted to hear that :-P

you know, life is just good.


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