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Saturday, June 26, 2004


a morning run with my buddy ipod calmed my nerves. bah, that hour of sleeplessness was way annoying, 'specially when i don't like the dark. ya i don't, i'm a big baby. the nightlight doesn't help much. but i digress...saturday mornings are nice, even though it's grey out there, but that's nothing new anyway. in a few, we're going for a drive to find something called sunshine. people 'round here tend to forget what that means, you know. so i'm trying to refresh my memory. in the meantime, buddy 'pod is plugged into my cranked up stereo system and i'm jammin to the beatles. ya, i dig those guys. they're just cool.
the wireless remote for buddy 'pod works well too, if you were wondering. it runs on a CR2032 battery (the round flat one); how long do these things last? anyway, it works through walls so yay, i can flip through songs while i'm in the bathroom :hee:


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