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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

girls night

i have to say i love my job. well, sometimes i also say that i don't but tonight's one of the times i do. staff dinner this evening. we ate at this asian fusion restaurant and had a grand old time. wonderful food. wonderful desserts. wonderful drinks. wonderful's nice that we all get together like this every so often since we're so isolated from each other during the work week. we're very fortunate that we all vibe so well together. even our 2 coworkers who are on maternity leave (yes 2, and another one announced this week that she's 7 weeks...lordy) came to join us with their bundles of joy. after the sumptuous dinner, four of the girls and i headed to this great shi-shi-ish (lol ya that's a word in my book) bar for a last drink. they're such a fun bunch. we should party more often. here's to buzzed wednesday nights. a happy feeling indeed.


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